Shower Filters


We all shower many times a week. The question is, do we really want to expose our body to the toxic chlorine in our tap water every time we shower? The AQUAVITA™ Shower Filter removes free chlorine and other toxins for a healthier shower experience. The filter is one-size-fits-all, and easily attaches to any fixed or hand held shower.


  • Converts chlorine into a harmless solution
  • Removes heavy metals and many other toxins from water
  • Uses the industry’s best media, including KDF-55, tourmaline, and quartz crystals for an enhanced feel and better lathering
  • Works with hand-held shower kits
  • Installs in minutes, with no special tools or professional help required
  • Uses specially-formulated bacteriostatic KDF™ media for better chlorine removal than standard KDF™ formula
  • Incorporates stainless steel screens to retain media but allow maximum flow rate
  • Uses built-in jet dispersal to improve water flow-through
  • Utilizes sediment traps to reduce clogging and extend media performance


Shower Filter Box Label pc. 1