Our commitment to quality and excellence is not in any way limited to our products. We have implemented a one of a kind support system that guarantees satisfaction for our customers. Whether it’s system installation, regular maintenance, filter changes, or performance checks, we stand behind our products all the way. Here we’ve included AQUAVITA’s wide range of support and services.

We provide a free water analysis and consultation service at your location. Please contact us for further information, or to schedule an appointment with a certified technician.


Pre-designed Systems:

Upon selecting the system that meets your needs, send us your information using the ‘Order’ button underneath each product. We will then provide you with a quote, as well as any further information that may be necessary promptly after your inquiry.

Customized Systems:
Send us as much information as you can regarding your regional water quality alongside your specific needs using the ‘Request’ button on the Custom Solutions (Company\Custom Solutions) page. A member of our technical team will contact you as soon as possible to discuss the next steps and to set up an appointment for a free consultation and quoting.

Our products are available to be shipped anywhere in Canada and the United States.


  • In areas where possible, installation is provided by our certified technicians. After ordering your product, our technical team will contact you to set up an installation appointment. After installation, our technician will perform a quality control confirmation to assure clients’ approval.
  • If we do not have a certified technician in your area, please be advised that the system comes with complete installation and instruction manual along with the necessary qualifications of an installer. We will also provide any extra information required via phone/email to ensure your installation, quality control, and verification is completed properly.
  • Our systems create enough pressure to feed purified water to your fridge or water dispenser, so that you can access purified water and crystallized ice cubes even more conveniently.

Support and Warranty

AQUAVITA products are protected by a limited warranty against any form of manufacturer defect or malfunction. Warranty terms and conditions as well as a maintenance contract are enclosed with each product.


If under normal use, your water purification system malfunctions due to a component- related problem, we will, at our discretion, repair or replace the unit. Ultimately, it is our responsibility to ensure your system is back to working condition.


AQUAVITA™ will not provide warranty services if any of the following occur:

  • Any kind of filter change is performed by anyone other than our certified technicians.
  • The product has been opened, modified, or manipulated by anyone other than our certified technicians.
  • Proper invoice given to client is not provided at the time of the warranty claim.
  • There is damage to consumable items such as filters and membranes.

Filter Changes and Maintenance

The two or three pre-filter cartridges should be replaced every 6 months. Post-filter cartridge needs to be replaced every 12 months. If these filters are replaced on time, the membrane should be replaced every 2 years. Failure to replace pre-filter cartridges every 6 months may allow chlorine to destroy the membrane and will affect not only the quality of the output water but will cause the need to replace the membrane earlier than its scheduled time. In other words, on-time replacement of the pre-filters is essential to the lifespan of both the membrane and the entire system.

  • Customers need not worry about the filter change schedule, given that we provide an automatic filter change reminder based on your system type. You will then be able to schedule an appointment for our certified technician to make the necessary changes at your convenience.
  • Depending on your type of system, spare parts like sediment filters, RO membranes, fittings, connections, valves, and hoses are available out of our regular service schedule and upon your inquiry.