International Opportunities


Here at AQUAVITA™, we see a bright future for the water purification industry. Water is a necessity in every corner of the world, and given that tap water has been proven unreliable (here), water purification systems are a worldwide necessity as well. Considering our specialty in meeting the specific needs of our clients through Custom Solutions, regardless of their geographical location, we believe that AQUAVITA™ has the ability to expand to other regions of the world. Our products are of incomparable quality, and are fully designed and manufactured in North America, yet are very affordable compared to products of similar quality. As a result, our products are filling a vital market gap, and will certainly have the edge in international markets around the world.

If you are experienced in the water treatment product business and would like to represent AQUAVITA™ outside of Canada, we welcome you to join our successful team.  We offer very attractive programs and pricing for our Water Purification Systems and provide consultation services and customized solutions to our authorized partners across the globe.