Custom Solutions

We feel that a limited line of products cannot adequately meet the needs of all potential clients worldwide, and the varying water purification needs that they may have. At AQUAVITA™, customers are in no way bound to our selection of pre-designed products. Rather, we provide customized systems based on a FREE regional water analysis and consultation service. While clients are usually left with the burden of finding the correct product based on their needs; we aim to alleviate the stress and difficulty associated with the process by conducting our projects in a turn-key fashion. We provide any necessary products, components, technical services, and consultation services in one complete package, making for a smooth and simple process.




Custom Water Purification Products can be implemented in a wide range of facilities, especially those that consume water excessively or provide water-made products to their customers. Examples of such facilities include restaurants, coffee shops, bakeries, pharmacies, government and municipal locations, daycares, factories, schools, and many more./

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