Costs Comparison

Those who choose to purchase bottled water on a regular basis may feel like they are saving money, given the relatively low cost of a single pack of water. In reality though, this is certainly not the case. Discussions regarding quality aside, opting for a long term solution like the use of water purification systems will prove to be far more economical than any other alternative. The following table gives us an idea about the costs associated with purchasing bottled water:

Capacity 500 mL 2 litres 5 gallons (~20 litre)
Unit Price ($/ea.) $0.50 $1.50 $8.00
Price per litre ($/lit.) $1.00 $0.75 $0.40
Consumption for a family of 4 per day (10 litres) 20 bottles 5 bottles 0.5 gallon
Cost of drinking water per family per day 20 x 0.50 = $ 10.00 5 x 1.50 = $ 7.50 0.5 x 8.00 = $ 4

As you can see, the cost of purchasing bottled water, is, at the least, 4 dollars per day. That amounts to approximately 120 dollars per month! When compared to the one-time purchase of a water purification system, the cost of bottled water now seems much higher. With an AQUAVITA™ water purification system, though, you spend less than a penny per gallon! This large cost discrepancy between bottled water and purified water furthers the argument for water purification. Apart from being cleaner, healthier, and more accessible, water purification also much, much more affordable.