Alkaline Water Systems


So you’ve heard about alkaline water. But what is it exactly? Well, alkalinity is measured using the pH scale. High pH shows alkalinity and low pH signifies acidity. Alkaline water has a pH level ranging from 8 to 9.5, while the average diet of most people consists of foods that are highly acidic with a range between 3.3 to 5. However, what most people don’t know, is that this overload of acid in our diets has been linked to diseases such as diabetes, arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure, and other chronic conditions. By consuming alkaline water in place of tap water,you can help your body find the natural balance that it seeks.

When water passes through alkaline filters, it breaks up the clusters of water molecules into smaller clusters. This makes it easier for your body to absorb the water, allowing you to stay better hydrated than when consuming tap or bottled water.

There are naturally occurring molecules in our bodies known as oxygen free radicals, which are, essentially, missing electrons. In order to fill that void, they take electrons from the body’s healthy cells. By drinking alkaline water – which is rich in antioxidants – you are introducing extra electrons to your body, helping negate the adverse impact of free radicals.

While there is no doubt in the fact that alkaline water helps your stay healthy, tastes great, is completely natural, both hydrates and detoxes your body, promotes a neutral pH level in the body, and requires no extra effort on your part; it is also important to look at how a system alkalizes water. The vast majority of alkaline water systems alkalize water by unnatural means, meaning that they use electricity to increase the pH to very high levels – so much so that it can even become addictive. In contrast, our systems use ONLY natural minerals and substances to raise the pH, and do not use any form of power or electricity. Furthermore, many alkaline water systems on the market do not even purify the water while costing significantly more than the products we provide. Is it not counter-intuitive to alkalize water for BETTER health, yet not purify contaminants and end up with WORSE health? We sure thinks so.


With AQUAVITA™, experience water that is  purified using state-of the-art reverse osmosis technology, alkalized, hydrogen-enhanced and remineralized: the ultimate solution for optimum health.



  • Lowers 'ORP' (Oxidation Reduction Potential)
  • Adds antioxidants and calcium to water
  • Increased pH of water
  • OPTIONAL low/high alkalinity output water
  • OPTIONAL dual acidic/alkaline output water
  • Antibacterial
  • Highly effective and customized purification process, using reverse osmosis technology
  • No electrolysis or unnatural methods
  • No use of obsolete chemicals or hydrolysis processes
  • No electricity involved
  • Convenient and easy to operate
  • Most cost-effective solution